:::Mission Statement:::

Boy-Cott Magazine is a Multi-Cultural Arts & Entertainment Publication. We are a publication about “The People”. We are about about spreading Social Consciousness, Awareness, Free Speech, Self Expression, Passion & Love. Boy-Cott Magazine is about standing up for what “YOU” believe in.

“The perfect balance of Entertainment and Education is our motive”


:::The Story of Boy-Cott Magazine:::

Boy-Cott Magazine is an online publication, is internationally known, and resides in Austin, TX. Boy-Cott Magazine was established in the year 2000 in Houston, TX. In the early years Boy-Cott Magazine was very punk-rockish. A lot of the content consisted of BMX Bikes, Punk-Rock Music & Free Speech because at that time in my life that’s all I was into. In my college years (2001-2004), I ran Boy-Cott Magazine as some sort of means of a small income. The ironic part about all of this is, I was always so focused on my publication it was hard for me to focus on school. At the near end of 2004 I completely quit college, moved myself and Boy-Cott back to Houston and started working. During this time I had so much more time to focus on Boy-Cott, and the mag really started to flourish! In 2005 I met this girl named Cupcake, and a chill type fellow named DJ Witnes of RockBox (rockbox r.i.p.). Witnes and Cupcake really took me under their wing as far as getting into the scene (nightlife). Now what I’m about to say might sound cheesy, but it’s true. If it weren’t for myspace, Boy-Cott would not be on the level it is today. Myspace truly did put Boy-Cott Magazine on the map! Testominal? Yes Indeed! In 2006-2008, Boy-Cott Magazine started to expose the following artist : Talib Kweli, Skeez (H-Town Legendary Graff Artist), Basquait, Article (another legendary Houston artist), Dilated Peoples, Mofoz Visualz (Austin, TX), Zeale 32 (Austin, TX), Chuck D and more individuals & companies across the globe. As Boy-Cott continues to age, we will continue to bring you exclusive, original, and raw content that will keep you on your toes.

– Mamba C.E.O.