(RAS) Riders Against The Storm – Speak The Truth (album review)

It’s not everyday that you come across a hip-hop album that reminds you of The Fugees – Blunted on Reality album. RAS (Riders Against The Storm) is comprised of two mc’s (Jbro and Tiger Lily) who happen to be a married couple. This couple has single-handedly created a hip-hop album that speaks the truth, and keeps the FUN in hip-hop. The introduction track called the “Notebook” starts off with a classic playground beat-box and freestyle just to help you reminisce to the roots of hip-hop.  “Reminisce” is a soulful reflection on what hip-hop means to a lot of people who understand the golden era of hip-hop.  Tiger Lily and Jbro take it back to the days of rockin’ kango’s, watching rap city, collecting comic books, rocking ewings and the unity of the culture. The lyrics in the track are on point, but the production is a little monotonous.

“Speak The Truth” is exactly how it sounds. With the sample of The Jackson Sisters – “Miracles” I expected nothing but excellence from this track. Speak the Truth is all about taking off the rose colored shades, un – sugarcoating the truth on a lot of the issues we have going on our society and speaking on it. I was WIDE awake when this track dropped. “Never Alone” is a track that simply reminds you that you’re not alone in this world. The track speaks about the struggle of making ends meet, reaching for your dreams, and being tired of working a 9-5.  Never Alone is a track of pure healing. The rest of the album is complied of a couple of hilarious skits with insightful messages, some more tracks about awareness and a wonderful bonus track called – “Energy”. Energy most definitely is a pop club track all about elevation and dancing!  Some might call this track out of place for the album, but I thought it was an excellent closing track. All in all the album is solid. There are some points where I felt the production needed some improvement.

Below are two sample tracks for you to sample and download:

[audio:http://www.boycottmag.com/media/RAS_Energy_ .mp3]

[Download]: Energy


[Download]: Is It?