Ninja New York! (Ninja Themed Restaurant)

By: Jennifer Gregory

Going to a restaurant can be fun – especially if it’s a nice place in a fancy environment with exceptional food. But what if you want an experience that is just a bit off the wall? Consider going to a theme restaurant like no other – consider Ninja New York.

What is Ninja New York?

Ninja New York is a strange yet exciting theme restaurant designed to pull you right into the world of the Japanese Ninja. The culture of the Ninja is different that most really expect. The interior of the restaurant is designed to resemble an ancient Ninja castle. When you enter the restaurant you’ll have to navigate the maze of corridors, many of which were designed with traps in mind to slow down or permanently stop the intrusion of unwanted guests.

The waiters and waitresses working within Ninja New York aren’t your average waiters and waitresses. Each waiter and waitress working within the restaurant takes a comprehensive training course – not only learning the ingredients contained within each dish on the menu but learning how to move like ninjas as well. Your waiters and waitresses will seem to disappear from before your very eyes and before you even have a chance to wonder where they are they’ll suddenly reappear.

Eating in Ninja New York!

Dining in Ninja New York, once you get to your table, is an experience in itself. The food on the menu is considered first-class, as the restaurant owners want your experience to be not only enjoyable in spirit but in the memory of your food as well. Even the presentation of your food is considered an interactive experience.

Take, for example, the “Ninja Art” salad. The chef starts by making a salad out of grapefruit and crab. He places dry ice in the base of the grapefruit and puts a real samurai sword through it before placing the salad over top. When you receive your dish you’ll be asked to remove the sword from the grapefruit and when you do the grapefruit will begin to smoke from the dry ice. It’s an incredible site to see.

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Visiting Ninja New York!

Society seems captivated by the martial arts, especially those that seem most mysterious. At Ninja New York you’ll not only be entertained but will have several different menus to choose from, including the special course menu, the a la carte menu, and the full 5-course menu. The restaurant also serves a full menu of beverages including ninja cocktails, beers, sho cho, champagne, and wine.

Visit the Ninja New York website before you go and check the “Events” section. Occasionally the restaurant will put a special deal on the website that won’t appear on the menu. For example, if you order the “Ninja Miso Soup” you could potentially win a $20 gift certificate to use towards your check. Maybe the ninja magician will visit your table while you’re dining. The surprises are endless.

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