Genius Chinese Man Decides To Lace Beer He Makes With Viagra To Get Rich Quick


By: Sean Levinson

The owner of a Chinese liquor factory has been arrested for lacing his products with Viagra, a marketing tactic he thought would make him one of the richest men in Hubei province.

But some customers were more disturbed than grateful for the unexpected reaction to the drinks labeled as “nutritional healthy liquor” and contacted police.

The entrepreneur identified only as Huang took to the Internet last January to spend the equivalent of $390 on at least a kilogram of Sildenafil, the chemical used for treating erectile dysfunction in medications such as Viagra.

He mixed it with Chinese white liquor and produced nearly 2,000 bottles of the laced drinks, selling 1,170 to the public and giving 810 to some friends.

The liquor was sold for about $10 per-bottle. Huang allegedly kept 30 for himself.

According to Metro, Huang said he understood that Sildenafil could be harmful if taken in excess and that putting it in drinks was against the law, but was blinded by his desire to “increase alcohol sales and make money fast.”

Police are currently trying to obtain the untouched bottles as any customers with cardiovascular problems could face serious health risks after taking Sildenafil.