Blend Phonetics – Transitions


By: Dreamland Collective

Most people spend life trying to define who they are. Blend Phonetics describes what we do.

Formed in San Antonio, TX – a city on the rise and a cultural melting pot – the project that became Blend Phonetics was initiated as a movement to bring people together. With hip-hop as its foundation, Blend Phonetics has a pulse tied to contemporary culture and world music. The name itself literally means the mixing of tongues in the sense of speech. Anchoring Blend Phonetics as a multi-lingual, cross-cultural movement are rappers Andrea ‘Vocab’ Sanderson and Karim Zomar.

The two solo artists were brought together for a collaboration facilitated by Dreamland Collective founder, producer Bryan Hamilton. Inspired by the one-off session, Hamilton proposed working on a full length album. Together, the three envisioned a project based on positivity, embracing the union of their respective worlds. Two years in the making, Blend Phonetics presents Transitions.

About Transitions:
Transitions is an introspective, multilingual concept album based on conscious growth within us and our communities. Life is full of transitions. Each song is a reflection of human progress and evolution, whether positive or negative. Some of our growth is spiritual, intellectual, cultural, or physical. We use music as a medium to express this rigorous journey and the many facets of maturing. It’s mirrored in the tracks as well as the lyrical content of our music. As many artists do, we seek to inspire and give hope, by addressing the transitions everyone faces in life. Each song features a diverse pairing of individuals collaborating in a form that is a celebration of their own unique abilities to express themselves.