Starbucks Is Stepping Its Game Up And Adding Alcohol To The Evening Menu


By: Ashley Fern

Well, your commute home from work just got way better because Starbucks is about to serve ALCOHOL! Yes, that’s right — ALCOHOL!

Thousands of stores across the country will be sporting a late night menu that includes bacon wrapped dates and Malbec wine, among other things.

I guess this would make sense strategically since sales currently are much higher in the morning than they are in the evening — I mean, have you ever gotten Starbucks past 4 pm and had a good night’s sleep? Yeah, I think not.

They have already begun testing this new program, but we (unfortunately) won’t see its entire expansion for a few years. Shockingly enough, Starbucks has shifted its focus from coffee items to non-coffee products, such as juice, food and alcohol, to stimulate growth.

Hm, maybe America has caught on to the fact that $6 for a coffee is a rip off — took long enough…

Yesterday, Starbucks announced a long-term plan that will help double its market value to $100 billion. The company is also focusing on a method that will allow customers to place orders via smart phone.

October 2010 was the first time Starbucks decided to venture into alcohol sales, with the lucky inhabitants of Seattle the first recipients of the new products.

Fast forward to January 2012, when Starbucks decided to test the adjustments in approximately 25 locations throughout Chicago, Atlanta and Southern California.

Menu items included truffle mac and cheese (um, amazing!), chicken skewers, chocolate fondue and Chardonnay! Now if only they can implement the changes at their Park Avenue location, my day would be made.

Currently, Starbucks has over 20,100 stores across the world, which include about 11,500 in the United States alone.

The evening menu is available in approximately 40 locations as of now, and will unfortunately not be put in place at every cafe.