Electric Eel Digital Condom Electrifies Your Penis, But In A Good Way


By: James Plafke

Thanks to the virality of the “for her pleasure” tag line, the most basic and prevalent condom innovation today is perhaps the addition of ribbing. The human race won’t ever stop innovating where pleasure is concerned, so now we have such condoms as Trojan’s Fire & Ice, which add a warming and tingling lubricant into the mix, as well as vibrating condoms. Now, Georgia Tech digital media students have created a prototype for a new condom innovation — electric stimulation.

Created by Andrew Quitmeyer, the Electric Eel is an open source digital condom that performs the action of its namesake ocean dweller and delivers mild electric stimulation to the wearer’s penis. The final product promises to be less terrifying than the above image of a condom hooked up to a battery. The current prototype is built with a conductive fabric and Lilypad microcontroller. It sends a small shock through the bottom of the condom in order to provide stimulation to the underside of the penis. The amount of electric stimulation sent to your penis is obviously small — just enough to provide stimulation rather than electrocute you through a very sensitive part of your body.

The members of the development team have personally tested the Electric Eel themselves, those heroes.

YouTube Preview Image

Condoms with increased sensation aren’t products created solely to make an enjoyable experience even more enjoyable, but to help promote condom usage. The main detractor of condoms is that they decrease sensation, sometimes even making it difficult to perform. So, if a condom didn’t decrease sensation, there wouldn’t be much of a reason to avoid using it and not practicing safe sex, which is why the team is developing the Electric Eel.

The Eel is an Indiegogo project at the moment, though the product page itself admits that the campaign is only in very early stages. You can get a hand-made prototype for $350, but the campaign page does state that later on in development, there will be a more proper campaign push.

If you’re very brave — or just curious — you can check out the details over on Indiegogo.