Drum and Bass Collective Makes Moves For The Windy City


By: Anisa Peraica

Hailing from gritty city of Chicago, Dubgrind, the latest project released on Combat Records USA encompasses a collective of four artists and producers who have reached about all they can handle with the current electronic music scene. Their sound is a complex mix of driving drum and bass, dub, breakbeat, Ragga dubstep and Jungle. Dubgrind is not shy about taking it to the next level with eerie out of this world vocals and effects. Those with an ear for high grade production will appreciate Dubgrind’s intense focus on producing quality beats with a distinct clarity. Created and mastered at SOS studios by RP Smack and M1D1, the two have also enlisted assistance from longtime colleagues of Chicagos’s drum and bass scene, DJ Oracle and Kode X.

Dubgrind’s Reflections EP comes out the gates swinging with tracks like Outerlimits. The song winds up with a 1950’s sounding transmission that takes you into another world. Scientist, featuring Kode X, sounds like something that came out of a mad scientist’s laboratory, I guess the name is fitting. The track’s chopped sounds and electrical elements create echoes that make you feel as if you’ve lost your way in a sketchy part of town. The background voice seems like it has been mutated to sound like a mechanical preacher. The Dubgrind collective emerges triumphant in creating a truly one of kind sound that isn’t trying to emulate the latest trends. Reflections takes the listener into another state of mind, surprising, methodical and an absolute departure from the norm.

Dubgrind’s EP drops November 22,2013.

Go to beatport or soundcloud to hear more.

You can also check out their Facebook page “dubgrind” just look for the zombie rubber ducky.