Fun Fun Fun Fest 2013 (Deltron, Jurassic 5 & Bonobo ) ( Blue Stage) (recap)


By: Mamba

Fun Fun Fun Fest 2013 Blue Stage was absolutely amazing. I didn’t document all the acts on the Blue Stage, but I did get the segment from 6:20 p.m. until the end. The acts documented were the following: Deltron w/ a Live Orchestra, Bonobo with a live band and songstress and Jurassic 5. If you didn’t know Deltron – Event 2 was released back in September, and seeing it live was unbelievable. Before Del entered the stage, the fans were screaming to the top of their lungs as they witnessed the full blown orchestra w/ singers and Dan the Automator on stage. When the the first track began I gazed over the crowd, and every pupil was locked on the blue stage. Drunken fans got louder, weed filled the air and then enters Del…

Side to side hands waved, and heads bobbed as Deltron constructed section by section. Dan the Automator even pulled out a conductor stick and instructed the orchestra on each bass and treble clef. Up and down the music scale the orchestra went as Del proceeded to ride the rhythm without any stumble or stutter. I remember hearing the end of their first track, and being blown away by vocal clarity and vibrato the singers projected. Watching Deltron perform felt like I was watching Beethoven with an MC on stage.

It was that good folks….

The next performer was Bonobo accompanied with a live band and a singer who goes by the name of Szjerdene. In true Bonobo form, he put on a great show including engaging visuals. Tracks from the Animal Magic, Black Sands and The North Border project were dropped, but what made the performance magical was the singer… Szjerdene not only executed the songs she was featured on, off the North Border album, but also the covers she did from Animal Magic and Black Sands. Her vocals will entrap you, and her hand hand gestures will hypnotize you…. You’ll see in the video recap… It was interesting to have the mid to down-tempo vibe thrown in the mix, but it ended up working out perfectly for the crowd.

Last but not least was Jurassic 5, and I think they stole the show! Where do I start??? Once all the mic checking was set, and the sound was golden, Jurassic 5 INSTANTLY brought the soulful harmonies they’re well – known for right off the bat. Being that this was Jurassic 5’s reunion tour made it extra special for all the attendees. The played all their classic gems, Akil through down a quick b-boy set, Cut Chemist and DJ Nu-Mark put on one hell of theatrical performance, and the group did a nice choreographed dance routine. Other highlights of Jurassic 5’s set was the crowd participation with their track “Freedom” and this open and close hand exercise song. You know you went to a QUALITY hip-hop show when you’re still talking about to 3 days later. Haa! Heck, as a b-boy I got so hype I practiced to nothing but Jurassic 5 at dance practice following day. I just didn’t want that feeling I experienced to end…

Below is the video recap:

YouTube Preview Image