Blue Sky Black Death Makes a Surprise Visit to Austin, TX


By: Mamba

I couldn’t think of a better night (Día de los Muertos) to see music production duo Blue Sky Black Death, not mention it was staged on a rooftop on Congress. This is one of the highlights about living in Austin, TX, there’s pop-up shows all the time. I honesty had no clue BSBD was in town until my home-girl Misa Soliz texted me about it. As I made my way to the venue I expected it to be sold out or close to it, but I was dead wrong with a huge smile on my face upon arrival. At 11:00 pm there was only 10 people at the venue, and a small cover of only $5.00 dollars. This wasn’t a good look for the artist, but I was excited that it was going to be an intimate evening of high caliber progressive music production.

Before all that commenced I have to go into detail about the venue, the DJ downstairs and the bartender. Scoot of your seat for this one folks. Now the venue is nice, I’ll most definitely give them that but the rest is like chewing bubble gum with NO flavor. Let’s start with the DJ…Let’s just say he had his iTUNES playlist cocked, loaded and ready for action. Haa! He displayed no DJ skill whatsoever, he had the worst track selection and at one point I saw him texting during his set. Typical run in the mill / fill in the gap club DJ. Moving on to the bar… My friend Misa, Auggie and I ordered our drinks, but the bartender strongly represented a 40 year old Mom having a mid-life crisis. She sounded like a 17 year old teenager when she spoke, she fucked up the most basic bar drink – gin and tonic for my homie Auggie, and she HIGHLY recommended that I become a groupie for Blue Sky Black Death. I asked why, and she stated the perks are fantastic. I quickly grabbed my drink, walked away perplexed and threw up a quick hail mary for the right side of her brain.

Fast forwarding to the highlight of night, Blue Sky Black Death enters the stage….


At 11:30 the vibe went from annoying top 40 club music to an insurmountable auditory experience that only 25 people got to enjoy. As they were setting up the wind began to pick up a bit, but not to much, just enough to get the vibe just right. Since the show was on a rooftop located on 4th and congress to be exact, we got to enjoy the view of downtown Austin and a glowing clock-tower. Throughout their set the played cuts from the following projects – Euphoric Tape, NOIR, Late Night Cinema and Slow Burning lights. Not to mention their live improvised vocal drops of Killer Mike from his track 36″ chain and Bone Thugs and Harmony. The crowd was oooing and aaaaahing as the vocals were dropped over their production. BSBD also made sure their visuals were on point by displaying images of movie scenes, riots and a other visually engaging things I can’t even describe. I remember looking back at the crowd half way through their set, and only the first half of people seemed to engaged into the music. Others were entranced in cyberspace with a bored look on there face. Sucks for them…. The whole show felt like an outer body experience. Thank you Blue Sky Black Death for making beautiful music.

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