Would You Want Your Brain Hacked? New Technology Could Control The Brain From The Outside (Video)


By: Robert Gordon

The brain is probably the biggest biological scientific mystery in life, and scientists may be not too far from finding a way to crack its code.

Could a brain be hacked? This is the question posed by popular YouTube channel Asap Science, in its latest video. An outside force could soon be used to stimulate brain activity in others, as beams of light trigger certain parts of the brain using the method.

Using the same genetic and cellular mechanisms as algae, cells become responsive when light is shone on them, and can be triggered when done so on command.

This could help us battle brain diseases such as Alzheimer’s, but the technology is controversial, as other uses of it could prove to be an ethical problem. Would you want your brain hacked? Check out the video below to learn more!

YouTube Preview Image