Burger King Japan to Release Limited-Edition “Black Ninja’ Burger”


By: Ida Torres

While Japan has been most certainly known for weird and novelty inventions, their food really takes the cake, or in this instance, the burger. In what they themselves say is an idea based on “irrationality”, Burger King is releasing a Kuro Ninja (“Black Ninja”) burger, which has, of course black buns and a slab of bacon sticking its tongue out at its eaters.

The fast food chain last year released an inexplicable black charcoal burger as well, but this time, it has a ninja theme. The black buns have a huge slab of “King’s Bacon” jutting out from it, looking like the ninja is sticking its tongue out at you from both sides. It also comes with hash browns and a blackish brown Chaliapin sauce. Like with the other “unique” Burger King creations, this will just be a limited edition one, guaranteeing that people who are curious about why the heck there is a ninja burger at a Japanese fast food chain will definitely troop to one to buy and taste the Black Ninja. The promotion is set to begin on October 25th, with the burger starting at a price of 680 yen (about US$6.92).

We don’t know if there is a surprise upcoming blockbuster ninja movie just around the corner which the burger giant is promoting, but they’ve definitely piqued our curiosity with this one. You also get some cute Kuro Ninja character logo stickers when you get the medium or large set meals, so this might also get weird sticker-collecting people try and see why a ninja is sticking out its bacon tongue at you. Also, anything with a huge slab of bacon is always good for the soul.