More People Prefer Hot Coffee First Thing In The Morning Over Bad Breath-Infested Wake Up Sex


By: Robert Gordon

When given the choice between hot coffee and hot sex in the morning, what would you choose?

Most people, according to a new survey, chose the former, as the caffeine fix takes precedence over getting some at the crack of dawn.

The study, conducted by Le Meridien Hotels & Resorts, says travelers want a cup of joe to be the first thing they do in the morning, as 53 percent of frequent travelers say they need to get their coffee fix before they do anything else, including sex.

To take this even further, 78 percent of participants said they’d rather be celibate, quit alcohol or ditch social media for a year than stop drinking coffee.

Coffee plays a major role in many people’s lives, as it is essential to their functionality throughout the day, and without that morning cup of coffee, many people are lost.

This probably applies more for older generations than Millennials, as our caffeine dependency isn’t as strong as it is for older folks, and our partners are generally more attractive and sexually ambitious.

Additionally, we’re less likely to travel with children, so sex is always an option, while it might not be for parents on the road.

Le Meridian may also be more for business-oriented travelers and families than other hotels, where people are more likely to get some early morning action.

Would you rather get it going between the sheets, or get the coffee brewing first thing in the morning?