Art is Everywhere [[[ Messages ]]]


By: Mamba

Song: Critical Point – Messages (ft. Vikter Duplaix)

Pictures: All taken in Austin, TX & San Antonio, TX by Mamba

Hello Again Boy-Cott Family,

As I mentioned last month, we started our Art is Everywhere series and this is the second installment! For this mixed media series we decided to go with the title – ” Messages”. In our daily lives we encounter a numerous amount of images, signs, paintings and advertisement, but we don’t always marinate on them…. So we decided to slow it down for you a bit, and capture the images for you to see on our sounding board. Now, some of these messages are cut and dry and the others are left for your own translation. In the words of Yasiin Bey formerly Mos Def – “Art Imitates Life”. Below is this installations theme song and the images:


UPDATE: 10/6/13 – This past weekend I ventured out to San Antonio, Texas to check out what they had to offer art wise and I was blown away….. The journey started around 2:30 in the afternoon, and I was being chauffeured around by my friend Marta Francine. Now before the journey commenced Marta was setting up her tunes to set the mood for the day. To my dismay, Marta who reigns from Costa Rica, has a little gangta’ Mom in her. The first track that she dropped was Snoop Dog – Aint Nothing But a G Thang. At that very moment I was SHOCKED, HYPE and ready to see what this day was going to unfold! Never judge a book by it’s cover folks.


I updated the gallery with 15 more pics for this installation labeled SATX. Check it out!