There Is Now A Rehab Facility Specializing In Internet Addiction


By: Robert Gordon

Addiction to the Internet has become so serious, a hospital has opened up a treatment program for people with severe Internet addiction.

Starting next week, Internet addicts will be able to go to the Behavioral Health Services at Bradford Regional Medical Center in Pennsylvania.

The program, according to ABC News, is a voluntary 10-day inpatient treatment program.

It is strictly for people who have been diagnosed with severe Internet addiction, and the facility can house up to four people who have been diagnosed at a time.

The program starts with an evaluation and a “digital detox,” which means they will forgo all phone, Internet and tablet activities for at least 72 hours.

The Internet addiction is taken seriously and treated as if it was any other sort of debilitating addiction.

“Like any other addiction, we look at whether it has jeopardized their career, whether they lie about their usage or whether it interferes with relationships,” said Kimberly Young, a psychologist and founder of the program.


Young says Internet addiction is defined by the consequences of the addict’s Internet use, rather than just the number of hours online.

Those who use the Internet heavily, but have balance in their lives, are not necessarily addicts.

The majority of the addicts are young males who play massive online multiplayer games like “World of Warcraft” for hours on end.

They go online because they can become someone else and be admired for their skills,” she said

The Internet addiction program costs $14,000, and insurance companies don’t cover the cost because Internet addiction is not widely recognized as a mental health disorder by the psychiatric community.