Unicycle Football Exists


By: Rebecca O’Neal

If you thought your local adult dodgeball league was cutting edge, or that you were breaking new ground with your grown-up blanket forts, think again! Unicycle football has you all trumped. Somehow managing to be both twee and hardcore, unicycle football has slipped under the public radar (for far too long) and is now entering its ninth season.

Via USA Today:

The two great American past times of uni-cycling and football have been blended seamlessly together in the form of the Unicycle Football League. The UFL has actually been around for almost a decade, currently in its ninth season according to the UFL website. The standard rules of football have been amended slightly, but there is still plenty of tackling and general unicycle mayhem, though league rules stipulate no Kevlar helmets.

The league is based in San Marcos, Texas, and currently consists of nine teams.

YouTube Preview Image

The craziest part of it all is that if you watch the video, people are actually getting hurt playing this full-contact sport. I imagine the Venn diagram overlap of people who can ably ride unicycles and those familiar with and interested enough in the game of football to be a part of this league contains a prohibitively small, prosciutto-thin slice of the population. So good for them for finding one another. Stay safe out there living your dreams!

Watch comedian Hannibal Buress handily tackle unicycle antics in the clip below.