Suspected Bank Robber Falls 200ft. Down Garbage Chute To Avoid Arrest


By:Rebecca O’Neal

Just when he believed he was home free, Syracuse bank robber Robin Gutheridge found himself between a rock and a hard place (more literally between the walls of a garbage compactor).

From CBS News:

Authorities in Syracuse say Robin Gutheridge robbed a Chase Bank branch Thursday and fled on foot. Detectives learned soon after that he was seen entering an apartment building a few blocks away.
While officers searched the building, a maintenance worker told them he could hear someone calling for help from a garbage chute in the basement. Police say Gutheridge was found trapped near a compactor with some of the bank’s money with him.

Points for creativity!


I’ve seen enough cartoons and “Home Alone” sequels to know that garbage chutes seem like foolproof escape methods in nearly any situation (foolproof in that I’m a fool who has no proof that this works), so I really can’t fault Mr. Gutheridge for giving this the old college try. He is expected to fully recover from his garbage-related injuries and will be charged with third-degree robbery upon his release from Upstate University Hospital.

Get well soon, Robin. And, when you’re feeling down about your circumstances, remember, things could be worse. You could have been compacted into a concentrated trash cube. Look on the bright side!

And since I’m guessing your bounty from the bank robbery has long since been confiscated, you always have your internet infamy to fall back on.