Kaytranada Turned Austin, TX Out! (recap)

By: Mamba

On August 17th, young music producer extraordinaire Kaytranada graced Austin, TX with his heavy catalog of viral hip-hop, disco and r & b remixes. In true Kaytranada fashion he pulled no punches by playing his famous remixes of Janet Jackson, Missy Elliot, TLC and Teedra Moses. Throughout his set, the crowd was two stepping in the name of love, waving their hands like they just didn’t care and hooting and hollering. It felt like a New Years Eve party at Holy Mountain!

At the end of his set, there was this one girl standing next to me sending mating calls / openly flirting to Katranada. She was saying things like; “Hey boy, you cute”, I wanna have yo’ baby and get you some of this Texas girl. Wow. You should have seen the school boy blush on his FACE. I can tell he was utterly embarrassed, and wanted to get the fuck off the stage.

The life of popular music producer…..



The opening sets were fantastic to! Applied Pressure always comes correct. The first person to bless the stage was 4th Wall of the Peligrosa crew. Not only did he provide great visuals, but a kick-ass DJ set to match.


4th_wall_2 4th_wall_3

The next act was Osirus, and as he stated before his set; I’m going to take you through a journey in space without any Biggie or Kanye samples. That he did. Osirus had the crowd feel as if they were on the set of Star Trek: Deep Space Electronic Music. As he mixed and mashed from track to track seamlessly, the patrons fell deeper and deeper into the groove of his set. If you were to look from a far, the crowd seemed as if they were simultaneously in sink with the rhythm.

One of the highlights of his set was when he dropped some house tracks, and some dirty south remixes over electronic production. At that point I stopped filming to enjoy the magic.


The last act before Kaytrananda was Boombaptist, and this gent always gets the crowd hype when he hits the stage. Being that he has a strong MC background, gives him that extra edge in the live aspect. From the beginning to the end of his set, he rocked the party with some De La Soul, Tribe Called Quest, J Dilla and his own production.


Once again Applied Pressure held it down for Austin, TX!

Big-ups to Holy Mountain for bringing down Kaytranada! This is one for the history books.