Wendy Colonna Exuberates Life and Love (interview)


By: Mamba

On May 23rd I interviewed a female rock and roll artist named Wendy Colonna, who hails from Lake Charles, Louisiana. When she gave me the address to the interview destination, I had no clue it was going to be in the country. As I approached the destination I was a bit nervous and excited because, I’ve never interviewed anyone in the middle of the woods before. Upon entry to the house I encountered an entourage of barking dogs running next my car and a mass amount of mosquitoes. As I entered the house I was welcomed with a loving smile from Wendy, her producer, and a child. Country living was all around me, and my camera and myself soaked every bit of it up. The interview started out on the patio with Wendy holding a baby, and as the interview progressed we made our way into the studio where she records.  The whole experience felt very euphoric, natural, organic and RAW. Below is the video footage nicely condensed in a edit for your viewing pleasure.

Enjoy the visuals :)!

YouTube Preview Image

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