Stones Throw Records Sets The Stage a Blazin’ @ Red 7


Article by: Mamba

Video by: Mamba

Photos by: Mamba

Stones Throw Records made an appearance again this year at SXSW, and this time they collaborated with Forcefield records. The event kicked off on Wednesday, March 13 from Noon till 6pm.


I arrived at Red 7 to witness Myron and E & The Park electrify the crowd with their soulful sound. Myron and E are two soulful artist from Northern California who carry the presence of the greats such as Otis Redding, & Gil Scott – Heron & Bobbi Humphrey. Throughout their set these brothers engaged the crowd by conducting various dance moves on the stage and a lot of call and response. At one point during their set Stones Throw President Peanut Butter Wolf accompanied them for a song. Wolf seemed at bit nervous when he was singing back up vocals with Myron and E, but at least he had the nerve to show the fans a different side of him. It’s always a treat when you see people jump out of their comfort zone.


The next artist on the bill was Homeboy Sandman from Queen, NY. This brother is always a treat to watch. To describe Homeboy Sandman I would have to say his wordplay is top notch, his crowd control is off the charts and his music is hip-hop you can dance to, learn from and relate to. During his performance he performed some tracks from his album “First of a Living Breed” & “The Subject Matter” such as – Whatchu Want From Me, Not Really, Sputnik and Mine all Mine. Some of the highlights during his set were watching him kick some bars straight acapella style and rock the crowd with his mic control!

homeboy_sandman_1 homeboy_sandman_2

Alright the next MC that touched the stage goes by the name of Jon Wayne, not be misconstrued or compared with the western actor John Wayne, but he’s a beast on the mic. At first glance I thought this guy was an extra in CB4 until he started to perform. Jon Wayne walked out on stage with long hair, some blu blocker sunglasses from the 80’s, Jesus Sandals and a palm tree button up shirt. I was at a lost for words for a minute, but that’s where the saying never judge a book by it’s cover came into play. Not only does Jon Wayne rap, he’s also a producer that has made some tracks for Homeboy Sandman, The Cool Kids and Scoop Deville to name a few…


As this event progressed the energy grew stronger and stronger, especially when jazz drummer, hip hop producer, dj and occasional rapper Karriem Riggins rocked the stage. This brother from Detroit is the definition of talent, and he most definitely stole the show! His set started off with some jazz drumming, moved to some MC’ing and brought it all home with some Dilla joints. Oh and here’s another fact about Karriem Riggins, he’s Paul McCartney’s drummer. Yes, Paul McCartney of The Beatles. Just look at the crowds face during his set!




On your resumé, it should just say – “GOOD AT DRUMS”.

-Peanut Butter Wolf