ReCREATE : ATX | ALL DAY LIVE ART @ SX 2013 (recap)


Article by: Mamba

Photos by: Mamba &  Grimnasty

On the third official day of SXSW, HOPE Campaign & Empty Kingdom put together a spectacular all day graffiti event titled ReCREATE : ATX. The event consisted of over 50 Artists creating graffiti & a wireless headphone DJ music set. Now I’m all for trying new things, but the silent dj party segment seemed a bit out of place for a graffiti event. I felt a slight disconnect when I made my way to the middle of castle hill and saw a DJ spinning with no speakers close to him. I remember at one point graffiti artist Skeez from Houston, TX pulled out his stereo and started to play his own tunes. Shortly after that the attendees near the lower part of the castle started to catch the vibe and began two stepping to no end. All of the artist that dedicated their time, energy and passion created masterpieces all over the castle. As I transported myself like Mario to each level of the castle, I couldn’t help but to be marveled and blown away by all the creativity. This beautiful part of the four elements of hip-hop is still not respected in a lot of cities, but it warms my heart that Austin, TX embraces it!

Throughout the day Austin locals and out of town guest arrived to view the art, snap photos, conduct interviews and become more educated about the culture. My only concern about Castle Hill is that there are valid rumors that the property is going be bought out in the near future, and that’ll be the end of the castle hill legacy…. Hopefully the Austin community can came come together, sign a petition and possibly have some meetings with the city to work out an alternative to saving the property. Thanks again to Hope gallery & Empty Kingdom for putting together an excellent event. Thanks to all the sponsors, the community, and the ARTIST for keeping HIP-HOP ALIVE!!  Below are some photos from the event for your viewing pleasure, and a list of all the artist.

Analy Nakat .
Ben Olson.
Brandon Mike Briar Bonifacio.
Bryan West.
Bryan West.
Carlos Ramon CASK ONE.
Cody Schibi.
Confetti Committe.
Dave Lowell.
David Young.
Derek Gores.
Echo Giesele Widmer.
Eric Timmerman.
Fernando Palomo.
Happy Happy James.
Henry Lipkis.
Hugh Leeman.
Jason Eatherly.
Jason Ice.
Jesse Beam.
Joe Averagi.
Joe Daniel Phillips.
John Truan.
Jonathan Walker.
Josh Row.
The One Lee Michelle Rendon.
Mez One.
Mick Burson.
Molly Maroney.
Nicholas C Miller.
Paul H. Tardie.
Señor Realm.
The One Lee.
Tourmaline Todd.
Tres Hoyt.
William Witte.
W3R3 ON3.