What If Money Didn’t Matter?

“If you don’t design your life, someone else will do it for you and may not like their idea of balance.” – Nigel Marsh

By: Mamba

Video Narrated by: Allan Watts

The video below narrated by Allan Watts is solely about how you would spend your life if money didn’t matter. He goes into detail on how our society continues to push us to chase prosperity, and it’s not in the best interest of society to chase our dreams. Although Allan makes some good points that I agree with, I have mixed emotions about others he stated. Being that I am currently an entrepreneur / corporate employee I can firmly say; until your side business financially matches or passes your bi-weekly net income, don’t quit your day job. Now granted that quitting the corporate job you hate to pursue your dreams will give you more time to be creative. You just have to be willing to except the lifestyle change that you’re about to embrace.

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Back in May 2009 I moved to Austin, TX with a cushion of money and a dream. I left a good corporate job (Schulumberger) to pursue life as an entrepreneur. I was and still am currently a journalist, but no longer a promoter. My business partner and I networked at every event, mixer, party, house party, club and it still added up to a low turnout and low capital at our events. The journalism was booming and still continues to grow to this day. This is by no means a sob story, and I knew from the start the entrepreneur life is a risk. I’m just merely sharing my story to let people know that the narrator fails to realize that not everyone can just up and quit their job, pursue their dreams and become successful. He does mention that you will become a master of your craft, but what’s the point of being a master of your craft if you can’t be financially resourceful with your craft. There’s nothing wrong with balancing a day job to keep yourself a float, and keeping your side business going. That’s not a miserable life, that’s called playing it smart.

The narrator also quotes – “It’s better to have a short life that is full with things you like doing, instead of a long life spent in a miserable way”. This is very true, but it’s not impossible to have a life you enjoy if you master the art of work / life balance. So many people in our society become emotionally attached to their day job and chasing money, that they fail to take time to treat or reflect on themselves. I can’t even remember how many countless times I’ve heard this statement from various people – “I don’t have time to run a side business”. I honestly believe that this is one of the biggest excuses in the book. If you can make time to watch your favorite TV show, party with your friends or yourself, you have time. The time you spend complaining that you don’t have time, is the time you have to accomplish something.

Currently we are the most spoiled, and awesome generation as far as technology goes. There is no time more than now, to fully pursue your dreams or desires. Right at your fingertips you have access to billions or people on their world wide web. Just look at resources we have now:

-Your smartphone
-Various social networks

Working a 9-5 and running a side business is totally possible and profitable!