EMERGE 2012! (annual ATX graffiti art show)

Article by: Mamba

Video by: Mamba

Header Photo by: Zappy Springs

Art imitates life, and graffiti art is one of the most unique, pure and raw forms of art in the world.

Once a year graffiti artist, b-boys, dj’s and mc’s from all over Texas unite at the Pine Street Station in Austin, TX to celebrate the hip-hop culture. This year at Emerge consisted of the same four elements of the hip-hop culture and a mysterious hula hook girl that kept the masses thoroughly entertained to no end. I arrived at the venue at 7:30 in the evening, and upon my arrival my eyes we’re constantly being seduced from all of wonderful masterpieces displayed throughout pine street station. In the background as I gazed at all of the artwork, was the sound of  various DJ’s taking their turns to rock the turntables with their own unique sound to stand out  from the last DJ. One of  DJ’s that really stood out during their set was DJ Vicious ToneTerror out of San Antonio, TX. This DJ engaged the crowd as he cut, scratched & juggled his tracks with a solid song selection and smooth transitions. By the time he finished his set, the crowd released a big roar of excitement because of the top notch skills he displayed.

As I continued to cycle myself through the venue I stumbled upon the performance stage for the MC’s, and the first act I saw was Cipher Austin. This collection of young kids astonished me as they captivated the crowds emotions from beginning to end. The energy they gave the crowd was beautiful, as they orchestrated their songs with periodic sprinkles of  acappellas and chants.

The next performer was a female MC named Anya accompanied by an r & b singer who goes by the name of Kiikii Star. These ladies were quite the dynamic duo as they engaged in the art of storytelling with a soulful twist. Anya is an artist you can’t put in a box, because she has such a versatile style. When she was performing I heard a little bit of down-tempo,  poetry, r & b, and then she would explode with a plethora of lyrics just to show you her aggressive side.  The crowd absolutely loved the combination of different styles she projected towards them.

The last performer I watched was Crew 54, and there’s not much to explain about these brothers because they owned their performance! Watching them perform was the equivalent to watching a pit-bull that hasn’t eaten in three days break through a fence to attack you. From the minute their first track dropped till the end of their set, everyone in the crowd looked electrified! Crew 54 is the definition of energy, and they always perform this way every-time they touch the stage.

The rest of my night consisted of snapping photos of all the art throughout the venue, filming some live graffiti and conversing with new faces. All in all Emerge 2012 was a hit! Below are the photos I took and a video recap:

YouTube Preview Image