Triple Threat in Hot Houston, TX (show recap)

By: Mamba

On August 4th, 2012 I took a trip to Houston, TX to capture footage of the following well know underground DJ’s and MC’s at Numbers night club: J-Live, DJ NuMark and Planet Asia. Respectively, all the artist on the bill put on top notch performances, but the crowd was mildly responsive to some of the performances. In the early hours of the evening local MC Mic Skills, DJ Soul One and DJ Cashless opened up before the three headliners arrived. Mic Skills was the first artist to rock the stage, and he brought a lot of raw energy in his set. One of the more notable tracks in his set was “Criminal“, which is on his album titled – “Defiant“.  Between the performances DJ Soul One and Cashless were dropping gem after hip-hop gem to keep the crowds ears glistening for more.


 This feels like a family re-union more than a show, but let’s get live like there’s 300 people in here. 



At the 11 o’ c lock hour, triple threat J-Live from Brooklyn, NY entered the stage.  If you’re wondering why J-Live is a triple threat, it’s because the man DJ’s, produces music and raps. Watching J-Live perform is damn near magical because he never ceases to amaze me when he DJ’s and raps AT THE SAME TIME! WOW! Throughout his set he performed some of his classic tracks such as: “Like This Anna” and “Them That’s Not“. One of the things that J-Live said during his set that stuck out is: ” This feels like a family re-union more than a show, but let’s get live like there’s 300 people in here”.  J-Live single-handedly awoke the crowd out of their coma, and got the party started!

Next up to bat was Cali’s own – Planet Asia and Tri-State. These two MC’s added more fuel to the fire as they displayed their masterful viscous wordplay and hard-core symphonic soulful beats, accompanied by DJ Soul One on the cuts and scratches. One of the key things that stuck out during their set was when Planet Asia took a moment to speak about ” the knowledge of self”.  For a brief moment, the stage performance shifted to a self therapy session that had everyone engaged, chanting and clapping as he spoke.  This was totally unexpected, but so fitting for moment.

The last all-star on the bill was world renown DJ NuMark from Los Angles, California. Nu-Mark was the DJ everyone was waiting to see, along with his toy set. DJ NuMark remixed, scratched and flipped songs that I didn’t think would even sound good together. As I starred out into the crowd, I saw everyone dancing, singing to each other, sweating profusely, and constantly being shocked to no end by Nu-Mark’s song selection, blending and scratching. The highlight of his set is when he brought out these childhood toys and instruments, and had them syncopate in unison. I swear you couldn’t hear a penny drop when Nu-Mark was orchestrating this vigorous musical monstrosity. To add more flare to his performance, he began plucking his turntable needle on beat, as it was some sort of banjo. When his set came to a close the crowd released and utter awwwwwww as they were fiending for more, but all good things must come to a close.  Below is a video of all the festivities for your viewing pleasure.

YouTube Preview Image