Astro a.k.a. The Astronomical Kid Left His Mark on The X – Factor

By: Mamba

Brian Bradley a.k.a. The Astronomical Kid a.k.a. Astro showed X – Factor what true hip-hop is all about. This young child prodigy is from Brownsville; a residential neighborhood located in eastern Brooklyn, New York City and it shows. The first time Astro performed on stage at the X- Factor he heckled the judge LA Reid as part of his performance, and then turned it around as an intro to his famous single – “Stop Looking At My Moms”.

With that performance alone I was sold that this young prodigy has done his homework about the hip-hop culture. As I further researched him I found that he’s studied the following hip-hop legends: Biggie, Nas, Fu-Schnickens, Big Pun, Michael Jackson and Jay-Z. Due to the fact that this kid is only 15, knows an exorbitant amount about hip-hop, has great mic control and stage presence makes me respect him. In a world where the general idea of hip-hop is about material possessions, degrading women, money and elementary lyrics…Astro has opened the eyes to the general public that hip-hop is also about unique lyrics, wordplay, clever metaphors and smilies. Below is a video of his performance on the X -Factor and a freestyle on this show called ” Spittin’ In Da Whip”:

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image