Would You Wipe With “Twitter” Toilet Paper?

By: L.L.

Wipe Your Cares Aways with Sh*tter Toilet Paper

Whether you’re sick to death of social media in general or are totally addicted to Twitter, you might find the brainchild of some Aussie dudes to be quite inspiring.

“Social Media has never been so disposable” reads the tagline for the new “Sh*tter” toilet paper that features twitter feeds. For $35 for 4 rolls, you can choose to either have your own feed featured on the rolls or that of someone else and, to sweeten the deal, they’ll deliver it right to your house.

Who thinks up this stuff? And, how do they get it to market?

And, while I’m at it — who would pay nearly $9 for a roll of t.p.?

Purchase it here: Shitter Toilet Paper