Brick City House Podcast (Jan. 27th, 2010): Sista Stroke’s B-Day Edition

Sista ‘ Stroke celebrates her birthday with a bang on her show – Brick City House Podcast! Be sure to listen at the 1 hr. and 32 sec. mark for her shout-out to Boy-Cott Magazine! Happy Birthday Sista’ Stroke and Big-Ups to you for holding down House Music properly.  Check out her recap of the show below:

Whoa … now THAT was BIG fun!!

What can I say, y’all, this was one hellova Birthday party – me and a couple thousand other peeps freakin’ as freely as we possibly could, via the internet, how could it go wrong?  From the jump, this day was pretty great … It started with a nice kick-off for my Hubz and I at “The Breakfast Club“, DJ Dummy’s morning show on De La Soul’s Radio, who had my back and gave me an incredible set of all the tunes that he knew would get my ass movin!  Now, on the real, Friends and Fam, you know I ain’t gonna push just anyone or anything your way – I got loads of respect for folks who are doin‘ it in this industry and tip my hat to them – But there’s some folks who just stand out and come correct with it, and for this Music Lover, DJ Dummy is without a doubt 100% the Real Thing.  From Hip-Hop to R&B, to the Disco and R&B and Soul Classics, and even the ones that ain’t so Classic, this guy has improved my mornings 100% for the last 4 weeks … with no sign of stopping.  Huge “Thanks” goes out to Dummy for kicking my day off with the right attitude! If you guys are interested in hearing what I’m talking about, you can check out his show every day from 7-9am EST at De La Soul’s Dugout.

Listen, you do this and I can guarantee that you will have no more angry mornings!  And ya’ heard it here first!!

And then … it was time to get on with the Birthday shenanigans  (some 5hrs later) on Brick City House … Damn, Friends and Fam, the chat room was blowing up with Love and, after reading all my emails this morning, the airwaves apparently were nicely blowing up with peeps tuned in to the BCH.  Yep, YOU guys made this Birthday just that much more special to me and I’ve been smiling ever since.  From my wall on Facebook, to all the Love being given out on Twitter, to the lighted cave of my inbox, you guys made this day incredibly special for me!!  And here I was worried about not having any of my girls here to celebrate!  Shoooooooot, totally uncalled for!  Since it was my birthday, in today’s show you’re going to hear nothing but the “cuts” and some of my most favorite tunes in my bag … From the House Classics to a few new nuggets .. and I really hope you enjoy what I’ve offered up for your ears.

Tune in next week as we welcome DJ Onionz to step up into the BCH booth, and give us a Bang like no other.  He’s brought his sounds back to us, his record label, Electrik Soul, is spittin’ them out faster than I can keep count and … well .. damn, it’s just great to have him and his sound back in my ears!  Don’t miss this one, House-heads!

Again, and on the real, I can’t thank you guys enough for making this one incredibly memorable Birthday!!! From the bottom of my ever-soulfully beatin’ heart, Thank You to all of you that made this day so special for me.

Freak Freely and Enjoy Music,


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