Austin Icon Leslie is Leaving Town

King of keeping Austin weird moving to NW Colorado

By: Sigfrid Rydquist

Albert Leslie Cochran, better known around town as “Leslie,” has decided to move out of Austin.

Leslie on Thursday said he was going to take the train to Colorado. On Friday he was not at the Amtrak station for the 9:31 a.m. train. He said Thursday he might not have the proper identification to get a train ticket but will leave as soon as he does.

Debbie Russell, one of Leslie’s friends, said early Thursday that he was working to finish the paperwork but was not sure if he had completed it.

He plans to move to Oak Creek, a small town northwest of Denver where he once lived. Where, he said, “I’m loved and respected.”

Russell is concerned for his well-being and said he has medical conditions that need to be taken care of.

Leslie, who is about 60, is “arguably the most locally famous street person in Austin” according to his Wikipedia page . He is often seen downtown wearing women’s clothing, and has run for mayor.

On Wednesday Leslie stopped by Goodie Two Shoes on South Congress Avenue to say goodbye to owner Christine Ann, another friend, according to the shop’s public relations manager Neil Diaz.

In October 2009 Leslie was hospitalized after falling in front of a taxi. He spent several weeks in rehabilitation.

Leslie was on his way to the train station to see if he could get a train ticket. As to why he is leaving Austin, Leslie said, “You gotta do what you gotta do.”