Man Threatens to Cut off Son’s Arms & Wife Flees Topless

By: D.N.

A man who police say threatened to cut off his son’s arms and menaced his wife so that she fled their home topless has been arrested on domestic violence charges.

Levy Lucas Jr., age 50, of Niceville, FL was taken into custody by Niceville Police officers on Oct. 19 after they found him stumbling in the parking lot at 719 Bayshore Drive.

“He had a strong odor of alcohol coming from his person and stumbled as he walked around,” the officer wrote in his report. “I asked (Lucas) what happened and he became verbally combative and uncooperative.”

Lucas told officers he had been sleeping at another address when he was awakened by his son, who he said was hitting him in the face. “He began to say that this has got (to) stop, referring to (the son) hitting him and stated that he was going to cut (the son’s) arms off,” the report read.

The officers began looking for the son. A short time later one of the officers tracked down Lucas’ wife, who was at a different address.

She said she’d been in an altercation with her husband prior to his scrap with his son. She’d been in the shower “which had apparently made enough noise to awaken (Lucas),” the report said.

He hoisted her out of the shower by her arms and the two began arguing. She tried to escape through the front door but was blocked by Lucas, so she fled via the back door, topless, and went to her son’s address. There, she explained to him what had happened and asked that he come back with her so she could get her eyeglasses for work.

The two returned and were met at the front door by Lucas. “As the two opened the door (Lucas) met them and told (his wife) to move so that he could go after (the son),” the report indicated. Lucas allegedly began slapping the son, who was able to deflect his father’s blows.

The woman grabbed her glasses as father and son went at it, then the mother and son left.

Police later contacted the son, who corroborated his mother’s story. He said he didn’t want his father arrested and neither he nor his mother would provide written statements or pursue charges.

They did, however, tell officers that Lucas had been on a two-day drinking binge. They were given domestic violence pamphlets.

Meanwhile, the officers returned to Lucas’ address and arrested him on two counts of felony domestic violence battery.