Chinese Man Jailed for Running Gas Station from Apartment

By: N.C.

A Chinese man was sentenced to five days in administrative detention for running a gas station from his village home, the Shanghai Daily reported Wednesday.

Police found five tanks filled with at least one ton (0.91 tonnes) of gasoline in the apartment of Liu Shimin at his home in Damozi Village in Chongqing, southwestern China. The ground-floor apartment smelled heavily of gasoline when policemen raided following tip-offs that motorcycles, cars and pickup trucks often lined up outside, the paper said. Liu admitted storing and selling fuel from his home. He said he bought the fuel from a gas station around eight miles (12 kilometers) away and resold it to drivers at a five percent premium. He earned more than 4,000 yuan ($631) from the business in almost a year. His neighbors upstairs in the three-story building said they had no idea they were living above a potentially hazardous gas station.