Models with Average Size Gets Big Reaction

By: Becky Striepe

The picture above of 20-year-old Lizzie Miller graced page 194 of the September 2009 Glamour magazine. Miller is a size 12-14 and heard from agencies that she was too big to be a plus size model. In the modeling industry, size 8-10 is the “plus size” range, which is crazy when you consider that Miller is an average (or even slightly below-average) sized woman.

After the magazine hit newsstands, the publishers received over 700 emails and comments from women delighted to see a normal-sized model on the pages. Check out the Today Show segment about Miller:

Is Healthy the New Skinny?
Thanks to body-positive awareness campaigns and even some modeling agencies promoting a healthy body image, it appears that the tide may slowly be turning. The outpouring of support for Miller’s photo definitely speaks to what women want to see on magazine pages.

As long ago as 2006, even women within the industry began to speak out against super skinny models on the catwalk when Madrid Fashion Week banned all models with a BMI of less than 18.

While there are definitely a fair number of skin-and-bones women on runways and in magazines, I think that Miller’s photo and the buzz it’s generating are definitely going to impact what designers and agencies consider an “average” sized woman. Since the issue of Glamour came out and emails and comments started rolling in, Miller has started getting a lot more offers for work. Let’s hope that this is the start of a trend!

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