Dallas Rapper DPhil Wears Lipstick and Tights (video)

Wow… I didn’t see this coming in hip-hop. There’s this rapper out of Dallas, TX named DPhil that wears lipstick. Peep the breakdown after the jump for the full story

By: Giselle Phelps

His story has created a lot of controversy on the web, since we first aired it three weeks ago. Dallas rapper DPhil Spanglishman’s XY Movement has got people across the country talking. It’s become the hot topic of conversation in the hip hop community. Blogs are on fire with supporters and haters going back and forth.

We sat down with him to follow up on all the reaction. It’s pouring in from across the country and around the world.

“Chicago, New York, Spain, California, Australia, a couple of places in Europe, Switzerland,” said XY Movement creator Daryll Duane Phillips II aka DPhil Spanglishman.

Phillips can barley believe it. ” I didn’t t expect this big of a reaction, you know what I mean,” he said. His XY Movement has gone viral.

Folks are lighting up Twitter with comments and uploading their own thoughts to YouTube.

“This guy wears lipstick. He wears flowery tights, like literally, tights,” said one YouTube user. “This is sick. It`s getting crazy. It`s getting ridiculous now,” said the same YouTube user.

“People are going to say it`s gay or whatever, but it`s not about sexuality at all,” said DPhil.

Rich Lopez at the Dallas Voice posted our story on their blog.

“Personally, I think it`s kind of fantastic,” said Dallas Voice writer Rich Lopez.

Lopez says rap music is known for being misogynistic and homophobic and DPhil’s movement pushes the boundaries.

“Perhaps diehard fans of hip hop don`t know quite how to deal with this,” said Lopez.

DPhil’s hopes the XY Movement gives him a platform for his music.

“I feel like it`s gonna open up a lot of people`s minds in Dallas, because in Dallas, the rap and hip hop scene has kind like this thug image,” he said.

He also hopes helps the hip hop community to think outside the box.

“For somebody to step out ,and you know be positive, and doing what they`re doing, and not worry about what society is going to say about them is really is a big step, is really a leap,” said DPhil.

Here’s a video interview with DPhil