Escape Your Reality and Step Into “Dreamland” with Bryan Hamilton (interview)

Bryan Hamilton is a music producer out of San Antonio, TX who can write music, sing, rap and produce. His music is a bit dark, conscious and electronic. Bryan describes his latest album titled – “Welcome To Dreamland” a direct reflection of San Antonio, TX. In this interview we had the opportunity to ask him some questions about

the “Welcome To Dreamland” album.

Interview by: Mamba

Boy-Cott: How’s life been treating you Bryan?

Bryan: Wonderful! Trying to focus on the present as much as possible and excited about 2012! Constantly inspired by so many wonderful souls around me to become a better person!

Boy-Cott: Why did it take 3 years to put out the album – “Welcome To Dreamland”?

Bryan: I had a few ups and downs in the process of the project and finally began looking inward for the answers. The album also finally felt and sounded right to me. I also find it impossible to set a time limit on art or something I am being chosen to create. I feel blessed to finally somewhat understand life as I am releasing these projects to the public.

Boy-Cott: So are you just solely a producer? Or do you play any instruments?

Bryan: I can produce, write, sing, rap, mix, record, as well as master all of the music I make. On this album there were some songs I produced with side projects Gunshot Hopes and Aliens WITH Halos. I also had a few friends lay down guitar and viola tracks etc. I play a little bass and keys and most of the material I wrote was with synths and samples. I also plan on picking up piano and guitar next year for the next projects I will be working on.

Boy-Cott: For the readers who haven’t heard of the “Welcome To Dreamland”album. How would you describe it?

Bryan: This album is a direct reflection of San Antonio. It features some of the most talented people I have ever met or heard and am truly grateful to have produced. All the artists featured on this album are from San Antonio. This city is a goldmine for untapped talent right now and I truly believe over the next few year’s people will begin to recognize us on a much larger level. KEEP SAN ANTONIO PURE!

Boy-Cott: After listening to your albums ” Bring Us Peace” and “Welcome to Dreamland”. I noticed that you’re quite the consious individual. Besides creating music, are you involved in any peace organizations or community organizations?

Bryan: I am an ISKCON missionary/follower of Srila Prabhupad. My practice is the “science of the soul” and our mission is to make people happy! I also work closely with Progressive Media Productions and have many friends locally I help fundraise for. Community is most important to me and I believe music can change the world. Next year I definitely plan on becoming more involved with the community in San Antonio via “Dreamland Collective” my record label/community organization.

Boy-Cott: Your album “Bring Us Peace” featured all latin aritst and there wasn’t one bit of english spoken. Is there a particualar reason you created the album this way?

Bryan: Karim Zomar is one of the best lyricist I have ever heard and it just fell into place. We were both ready to do this album at the same time and the cosmos made the arrangement. Its crazy, because right after we got introduced, he literally knocked a track called “Cronica” in one take. That was the first time I really heard him speak. The album came together unforced and both of our styles meshed well together. He definitely deserves the opportunity to be heard around the world and we were lucky enough to feature Calmeca, Vocab , Alyson Alonzo , and DJ Ninja on the album as well.

Boy-Cott: Were you always a concious indiviual, or did someone or something spark the change in your life?

Bryan: I got pretty sick a couple years back and went through some things. I remember just sincerely trying to find the answers for everything going on in my life and then it was sent in the form of Krishna Consciousness. I have been lucky enough to have the Maha Mantra in my life and it has definitely help open up my heart to infinite realms of possibility. Chant and be happy! Try it! Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare

 My practice is the “science of the soul” and our mission is to make people happy! 

Boy-Cott: How’s the Occupy San Antonio movement going?

Bryan: It’s going great, were still in the baby stages but it still seems to gaining momentum. I was out there everyday for the first three weeks, but have not been able to go as much with all the other events going on between the Ashram and shows. However, we do schedule drum circles and feed the occupiers about two to three times a month. It brings good energy to the group. The truth is shall be exposed!

Boy-Cott: Why don’t you listen to your music once is done?

Bryan: By the time the music is done, I have usually listened to the tracks and instrumentals hundreds upon hundreds of times. I am always hearing some sort of “new sound” in my head and trying to catch it. Plus I find it hard to grow musically when always staying in the past. Evolution requires detachment.

Boy-Cott: Who would you like to thank?

Bryan: Krishna! My parents,family and friends! Through them I find that love is indeed a permanent solution for a temporary situation we are all living in. Jeff Escamilla is my hero and thanks to Alan Calvo for the album artwork/paintings.