Massive Lego Man Washes Up on Florida Beach

By: Angela Watercutter

A larger-than-life Lego man bearing the cryptic phrase “no real than you are” has washed ashore on the Florida coast. Beachcombers in Siesta Key, Florida, found the roughly 8-foot-tall Lego man just before dawn Tuesday.

In addition to the motto emblazoned on his chest, the figure had “Ego Leonard” and the number 8 on its back, indicating there could be more Lego men out there. Googling “Ego Leonard” leads to this site, which explains that Ego Leonard (presumably the Lego man’s creator or the creation itself) “come(s) from a virtual world.” It also shows several other Lego men in the wild.

“In the ‘real world’ there are many rules and regulations,” an “Observation” on the site claims. “Society requires that you place yourself within a certain group or else be considered an outsider. But there’s a genuine and sincere need for an authentic self and it’s further growth and development. Still, a visit to the virtual world enables people to take on a different identity, or even identities.”

At least one other giant Lego man has hit the shores before. In 2007, an almost-identical creation was found in the Netherlands. Another turned up in England the next year.

Ego Leonard did not immediately respond to’s e-mail seeking comment.

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