Desperate Cross-Dressing Dad nearly Dies Trying to Chop Off His Own Penis with a Stanley Knife

By: Laurie Hanna

A cross-dressing dad nearly died after trying to chop off his penis in a DIY sex change op.

Kirsty Cass got drunk and took a Stanley knife to his manhood after life as a male became unbearable.

Doctors managed to save his life by reattaching his penis and now he is living as a woman and preparing for gender reassignment surgery.

Council worker Kirsty, who used to be called Andy, said: “I realise now how dangerous it was to try to give myself a DIY sex change – I could have easily bled to death – but it seemed like the obvious solution at the time.

“I had a few beers, looked down and thought ‘that shouldn’t be there’ so I got a Stanley knife out of my toolbox and just started hacking away.

“The pain was unbelievable. It took a couple of minutes of cutting before I realised the danger then I grabbed a hankie to stem the bleeding and dialled 999.”

Kirsty woke up in hospital where doctors explained they had to reattach the penis for future gender reassignment surgery and, after recovering, she was referred to a psychiatrist who diagnosed gender dysphoria.

The father-of-two, supported by daughter Jodie, 21, now takes a cocktail of drugs to suppress male hormones and had surgery on his Adam’s apple to alter the pitch of his voice.

The 49-year-old from Crawley, West Sussex, now lives as a woman and is looking forward to surgery in April after a lifetime of feeling trapped in the wrong body.
Kirsty said: “I always felt uncomfortable as a boy. In my teenage years, I wasn’t interested in girls but I went out with a few girls to try to fit in.

“I married a wonderful lady who was supportive when I confessed I wanted to dress as a woman, but our relationship ended when I realised I wanted to be a woman.

“One night I just thought enough is enough, and decided to do something.

“Now I can’t wait until I’ve had the operation and I’m 100% woman