This Papaya Tastes Perfect

By: Ian Cheng

THIS PAPAYA TASTES PERFECT, a solo exhibition by Ian Cheng. A new digitized performance that sets a sequence of encounters between physical human behavior and the virtual environment.

“Motion Capture is a recording process that registers the physical movements of the performer absent the image of the performer. The recorded movements are then translated onto a digital body. Working with a choreographer, a performer, and a small team of motion capture technicians, Cheng has configured the motion capture process into a format for recording a visceral, incomplete memory. Placing the performer under a matrix of contradictory choreographies, a debased narrative, whiskey, and technical bondage, an ancient horrifying physicality is registered in the virtual environment as a sequence of legible movements punctuated by impossible gestures and gross deformations. In this space, motion becomes a new material.”

Ian Cheng, 1984, Los Angeles, is an artist based in New York. He studied Cognitive Science at UC Berkeley before working at Industrial Light & Magic. He received an MFA from Columbia University in 2009.

Like you can see the stills from the video are vertically, that’s why the video/piece works vertically. Ian recommend to tilt the laptop sideways or watch it on the cellphone. I don’t know exactly why the video is horizontally on Vimeo, I think that’s for fitting all the screen with the video. (see on full screen).

Credits:  Direction & production: Ian Cheng – Memory: Christian de Vietri & Ian Cheng – Choreography: Madeline Hollander – Physical performance: Jonny Mandabach – Vocal performance: Sean Manning – Motion capture services: Steve Day, Motion Capture NYC