Backpack Jax – “Remember The Future” (album review)

Review by: Mamba

France based hip-hop duo Backpack Jax (Cuban American Mauika and Iraqi Frenchman Boogie Monsta) are about to release their latest project. Backpack Jax freshman album titled – “Remember the Future” speaks about politics, love, depression, relationships and life. Remember the Future is a hip-hop album, but after playing it several times it feels more R & B with a sprinkle of hip-hop. The production on the album by Boogie Monsta was on point on some parts of the album, but at certain points I found myself getting bored with some of the tracks. I did enjoy how they portrayed their message in the intro, interlude and outro; it most definitely set the mood properly for the album. Lyrically, Mauikai and Boogie Monsta’ harmonize and play off each other well, which makes for an easy listen. So overall, the album is solid and it flows well, but I don’t see any of the tracks being hot singles. One of the more notable tracks is “On the Grind”.