Emotional Bag Check Lets You Trade Problems for Music

By: Duncan Geere

Life sucks, right? But music makes it better. That’s the worldview behind Emotional Bag Check — a site that lets you suggest songs to cheer people up.

It’s simple. Go to Emotional Bag Check, and choose whether you want to offload a problem or help out with someone else’s.

If you want to get something off your chest, all you need to do is type what the problem is, provide an e-mail address, and someone will read it and return a song they think is relevant along with (optionally) a message of support.

If everything’s going pretty well for you, and you just want to help other people out, then you’ll be confronted with someone’s problem and asked to pick a song that’ll make them feel better. Here, a sense of duty suddenly kicks in — you’ve got a direct line to someone’s heart, and you don’t want to waste it. You’ll find yourself taking a substantial amount of time to choose a song that’s just right for the situation, as if this person were a close friend.

We were confronted with a girl whose boyfriend was in Mexico and she was thinking about dropping out of university because she missed him so much. That proved problematic — not enough bands have written a song about how important a good education is to your career prospects (sort it out, bands). In the end, we settled on Hello Saferide’s “25 Days” — which is about missing someone, but sticking it out, along with a message about how if he’s that great, then he’s worth waiting for.

Once you’ve shared a song with someone, you get access to the stats, which show that among the most popular songs to be recommended are Jimmy Eat World, Coldplay, James Blunt, and Maroon 5. The idea that someone might read through your deepest, darkest problems and think that “You’re Beautiful” will be just the ticket to cheer you up is a little depressing.

Nonetheless, the Grooveshark-powered site is strangely compulsive. By mashing up Post Secret with music, it’s likely that whoever’s behind the site (there’s no information provided) might well have a hit on their hands.