Enough Already!

By: Emcee Grady

If you watch TV, listen to the radio, or glance at the magazines near the supermarket checkout, chances are there are a few celebrities or politicians that you are getting pretty tired of hearing about. Whether it’s Kim Kardashian’s wedding or Will Smith’s marriage problems, it can all be a bit much. That’s why this project from MAKE and Matt Richardson is one of the best things we have seen in a while – The Enough Already!

The Enough Already uses the data emitted from closed captioning, a video experimenter shield, an Arduino, an infrared LED, and a bunch of very clever programming to “listen” to your TV for certain keywords. When it hears something it doesn’t like (for example, “Kardashian”) it mutes your TV for 30 seconds. If during that 30 seconds, the word is mentioned again, it starts muting again. This is a great project that I can’t wait to create for my TV. Awesome work!

YouTube Preview Image