uLOVEi is the Paparazzi King of Austin, TX! (interview)

Header photo by: Kwestro

Interview by: Mamba

C.E.O. Miguel Angel of uLOVEi is the ultimate one man army. I seriously don’t know when this guy sleeps?? Miguel is a part of the following entities: uLOVEi (video production),  Austin! Fights! (nightlife brawls), Spin Earth (coverage of live music), The Mind of Adi on Transmission (Austin’s nightlife through the eyes of Adi Anand) & Fashion Leak (video footage of fashion designers). Miguel Angel is well known to capture classy photo’s and raunchy photo’s all in one session, so be on your best behavior when this man is working. Other than taking top notch photo’s and producing video’s, Miguel is also a promoter / DJ for a weekly event called “Fuck Me – Fuck Me Friday’s” at The Eastern. This event is one of the best dance parties in Austin right now, it attracts a wide range of people and the music is very eclectic. So if you see Miguel Angel around town, buy this man a drink and congratulate him for all his success so far in Austin, TX!

Boy-Cott: How’s life treating you these days Miguel?

uLOVEi: Pretty good, Always busy….

Boy-Cott: What was your first love, videography or photography?

uLOVEi: Videography. I had a professional video camera way before I ever thought about getting a pro photography camera.

Boy-Cott: You served in the marines for 4 years. What made you want to enroll?

uLOVEi: I grew up in Del Rio, a small border town in the armpit of Texas, which really isn’t filled with anything exciting other than the lake, Julio’s Chips, and well…. before the whole Mexican drug wars, going to party across the border. So a quick way to get out and not have to still ask my parents for money was to join the military. If you’re going to do the military, why not go all out. The Marines was one of the best choices I ever made. It made me grow up really fast and see how our world really works. 2 tours to Iraq, 1 year in Japan, and being stationed on each Coast really was an eye-opener for a small town boy.

Boy-Cott: In a past interview you spoke about how your family always stressed the importance of taking pictures and video for the sake of reminiscing at any given time. On that same token, do you think we’ll see a uLOVEi scrapbook in the near future?

uLOVEi: I’ve wanted to put something together. Like a show case or book. I have this idea for making a Austin Downtown Yearbook. Same format as high school yearbooks. Names, quotes, crews, bars and all that other stuff you see in a typical yearbook. I already know pretty much everybody’s first and last name.

Boy-Cott: I noticed you’re always rocking a nice suit during a photo-shoot. What is one of your favorite suit and tie color combinations?

uLOVEi: I love color combinations and really vibrant ties, but something about a nice black suit, black tie, and a white button up really does it for me. You cant ever go wrong with the whole “Reservoir Dogs” look. No guy can.

Boy-Cott: What’s been one of the most rewarding things for you throughout your whole videography / photography career?