Bavu Blakes Sanct EP (review)

Review by: Mamba

Cover Art by: Solomon Perry of Phantazm

EP Produced by: Reggie Coby

Vocals by: Min. Blakes, Mr. Coby (1/2/3), Pamela Okeke (1/3), Easy Lee (3), Blaxsmith (4) [recorded by Mr. Greezo]

Guitar by: Carter Arrington (1/5/6);

Bass by: D-Madness (2/3/5);

Keys by: Jon Keyzz (4/5);

Mixed & Mastered by: Sae One for Mophonics

I really enjoyed how this EP has subliminal messages [using samples of Lauryn Hill from her “Unplugged” CD] in the intros of each song, and how they lowered the vocal pitch for the effect. On this EP you’re going to get style, substance, humiliation and you might just have an epiphany. Below I have taken each track and dissected it from my personal listening experience. Peep the breakdown after the jump.


On the first track on the Sanct EP, “Don’t Turn Me Down”, Bavu Blakes sends a cannonball prayer to God that basically says: “I know you’re in control, but I’m a talented artist that has done my time, and should not be looked over”. With the electrifying & compelling guitar riffs of Carter Arrington on the track, you can’t help but to have a “rap seizure”.


FineGreat is my favorite track on the EP. Reggie Coby of “The League of Extraordinary G’z” did an excellent job with the production, not to mention his soulful vocals & Pamela Okeke’s. Bavu displays a lyrical Johari window about the frustration of his career, how he has overcome, learning about being a minister, starting over and gaining a peace of mind.


Wow. This track raised my eyebrow and dropped my jaw. Mr. Blakes let his soul bleed through the pen on this one. He speaks about a lot of the dirt he has done in the past, and how he changed his life for the better. Before listening to this track I questioned why he would name a track after a minister that sexually assaulted at least four young men in his congregation. After I pressed play I realized he used the name because he was relating to Eddie Long as a minister, and for the simple fact that everyone sins and deserves a second chance to redeem themselves.


Better 2 Be is a track about recognizing your blessings, humbling yourself, being aware of what you’re fighting for, and realizing that sometimes you’re going through a situation because the problem is you. Right when the track kicks in Blaxsmith spits some ferocious lyrics of fury that will have you making that scrunchy hip-hop face. One of the bars that stuck out on this track was – “This is the Art of Salvation for when you’re paying homage”. I could definitely see people bugging out to this track in the live show element.


This track threw me for a whirl. At first I thought it was just going to be a long introduction then Bavu would start to rap, but I was wrong. The whole song is a jazz ensemble minus the horn section by Carter Arrington, D-Madness & Jon Keyzz. I think this is a love song to his wife, but I could be wrong. Buy the EP when it drops to find out!

Bavu Blakes – Eddie Long feat Easy Lee (unmastered) by bavublogs