God-Des & She Want to share their Assorted Flava’ with YOU (interview)

Interview by: Mamba

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This Hip-Hop / Pop / Soul duo has single handedly made it from the underground to the mainstream through hard-work, diligence and longevity.  God-des and She recently opened up for Salt N Pepa at the Pride Festival, and received a standing ovation from the crowd. Currently they are living in Austin TX, they have made their mark in the city and they are already getting ready to go on tour again on August 23rd. God-des and She have appeared on Showtime’s The L Word , the have sold over 30,000 albums, and are holding down the #1 song spot on MTV LOGO with their song “Love You Better”. Their current album is titled “Three”, and the fans are raving uncontrollably about it. I hope you all enjoy this in depth interview I did with them.

Boy-Cott: How’s life on the road been? You ladies are touring non-stop.

She: Life on the road is always an adventure.  We go from staying at the W or Hilton right down to the good ol’ Super 8 depending on whose paying haha.  We are happy to get to do what we love.  Like any job it has it’s ups and downs.  Getting up early after a late night of playing a show to travel seven hours is not the most fun.  Rocking a crowd of excited people that know all the words to our songs….that’s pretty much the best part!

Boy-Cott: You recently shared the stage with Salt N Pepa, how was that experience?

God-des: Opening for Salt N Pepa was literally a dream come true.  Both of us have been HUGE fans for many many years.  In fact, they really made us feel confident as independent, strong woman when we were teens.  And they can STILL totally rock it!!!

Boy-Cott: The first time I saw you ladies was at SXSW 2009 in a small venue on Trinity street, and it was by accident. At the time a lot of people in Austin didn’t know about you ladies, but now you’ve got your music on MTV Logo, true life, cribs & showtimes hit series ” The L Word” just to name a few! When did this all come about, and how does it feel to come from the underground to the limelight?

She: The L word really changed everything for us.  We were playing lots of shows before the L word but after that show aired, we had to quit our day jobs to keep up with the demand we were in.  Quiting our day jobs was the best thing ever!  Being able to support ourselves through music had always been a dream of ours and now we’re living that dream.  We have continued to build our brand, our fan base, our team, and now it seems everything is falling into place.   Austin has really embraced us, in fact, they are giving us our own day on November 3rd, 2011.  It will officially be God-des and She day in Austin TX.


 Austin has really embraced us, in fact, they are giving us our own day on November 3rd, 2011.  It will officially be God-des and She day in Austin TX.


Boy-Cott: In August 2010, you ladies did a youtube video to campaign to be on “The Ellen” show. Has Ellen responded back to you ladies with a tentative date?

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