Famous Homeless People

By: Becky Blanton

Just about every day I hear about another “famous” person who was once homeless. So I’m going to start listing them here so you guys can see that it’s not the end of the road if you keep the right perspective. You may be surprised at the names you find here. I link to the original sites when and where possible! The names are in no particular order. I add more as I get them. And yes, Benji (a dog) is a “famous person,” according to his trainer he was so smart he WAS human. And he was “homeless” when he was “discovered.”

For those who disagree that a dog can be “homeless” since it is an animal, please be aware this page and site is to start a conversation about homelessness, what it means, its impact and so on – and is NOT an argument to “PROVE” what is or is not homeless. It’s about a conversation, not a debate or about whose definition is right or wrong. Thanks!

Here’s the Roster: Famous Homeless People