A Tribe Called Quest: Beats, Rhymes & Life (Austin, TX re-cap)


Article by: Mamba

Video by: Mamba

The Tribe Called Quest: Beats, Rhymes, and Life Austin premiere was a hit! All of the performers and dancers did a bang up job before the showing of the documentary. The first performer was Dred Skott & Esbe Da 6th Street Bully of The League of Extraordinary G’z.

They performed their well known track “We Gon Make It” and one of their older tracks titled “4 dollar blues” which is referring to the high gas prices. You should have seen the reaction on the crowds face as the LOEG’z performed, they made people feel their music! The next performer to rock the mic was Queen Deelah who is unfortunately moving back to California, but she had a great set!

It was such a shocker to see the energy she portrayed during her set, because when I met her she was so humble and soft spoken. That’s the beautiful thing about artist, you never know what their alter ego is going to look like. In between the artist sets DJ Silent Rob held it down on the wheels of steel blaring out some Tribe classics.

Next in line was the conscious mc who goes by the name of Da Shade Moonbeam. Da’ Shade Moonbeam took the show by storm as he displayed his sharp lyrical wordplay about day to day struggles that a lot of us go through, and ended his set with his popular track “Dance Sucka“. Da Shade most definitely stole the show with that song, and the video footage at the bottom of this re-cap proves it.

The last performers of the night before the viewing of the documentary were RAS (riders against the storm). J Bro of RAS was hosting the event the whole night, and when it came time to perform Tiger Lily and  J Bro came out guns a blazin’ with their track – “Resume”. RAS most definitely brought an exorbitant amount of energy to the night as they embraced the crowd several times throughout their set,  and the crowd was eating it up.

After RAS ended their set, it was time to view the Tribe Documentary!! The whole event was a success, everybody represented hip-hop to the fullest, and the rest is history… Check out the footage below to get a video perspective of the festivities.


YouTube Preview Image