Do Your Balls Hang Low? Do They Wobble To And Fro?

from: ncbi || photo by: brownpau

Swinging high and low: Why do the testes hang at different levels? A theory on surface area and thermoregulation.

“Anatomically, one or the other half of the scrotal sac hangs at a lower level than the other. The testes, housed within the sacs are also situated, suspended, one slightly lower than its other counterpart. While many theories on why and how of the testicular levels have been proposed, including those engendered by vascular, functional, embryological or evolutionary influences, none of the proposed scientific reasons are totally convincing.  In our view, one additional, yet overlooked cause for the naturally displaced level could be, simply, to expose more surface area of the active organ to cooler environs. While it is an accepted fact that suspension of the scrotum outside the abdominal cavity is paramount to the functional efficiency of testes in a preferred lower temperature – it still does not address the question – why hang at different levels?… In effect, just by suspension at two levels, nearly one entire extra surface is available for thermoregulation and cooling. That is, the surface area available now becomes two lateral, plus two halves of the two medial. This extra area available to the testes, probably is, yet another a significant but overlooked embryonic factor that dictates differential rates of descent and displacement of anatomical levels of twin reproductive male organs.”