The Glitch Mob Show (recap from 7-7-11)

Article by: Mamba

Video by: Mamba

Well, ladies and gents this show experience by far, takes the cake for the worst show I’ve been to. So just consider this write-up to be “Guillotine Penmanship”…..

I arrived at La Zona Rosa at 9 p.m. because the show was promoted to operate from 8pm to 11pm, but that wasn’t the case…Ball…No strike yet…. As I made my way inside to open my tab, to my surprise La Zona Rosa doesn’t do tabs. They do a $20 dollar pre-authorization on your card, and give you your change back.  How shitty is that! So I purchased my one beverage and mentally gave the bar tender the middle finger. Strike 1

After waiting till almost 10pm, the first act finally starts to perform. Now, the first artist who goes by the name “Psymbionic” was great! His sound consisted of a wide range of vocal samples, diverse sample selection, video game samples and hip-hop samples. Psymbionic just set the mood properly and received lots of kudos from the crowd for his performance.

The second performer on the bill was an artist out of California who goes by the name of R/D, and his sound was monotone and really repetitive to say the least. The only the reason the crowd was cheering for this guy after each song, because it was one song closer to see the glitch mob. Strike 2… Oh and to make things worse he performed for an hour. Typically, opening acts only get 20 to 30 minutes. I guess the promoter didn’t think about that one….Sad…

The last opener before the Glitch Mob was an artist who goes by the name of “Com Truise”. When this artist was performing the look of deep comatose from the crowds face was priceless. Not to mention Com Truise messed up during his set countless times which gave me the impression that he was an amateur. The only highlight of his set was his two remixes that that he played, other than that it was boring and his set also ran for an hour. Strike 3…

After all the openers had finished their sets it was time for The Glitch Mob. Almost….Actually what happened was, The Glitch Mob came on the stage, got all of their equipment set up, and pulled a cocky ass rock star move by walking back stage to chill for 30 more minutes. I don’t know if they were getting their make-up done or smoking, but I do know the crowd was becoming irritated from all the waiting. Oh and it’s pretty sad when the busy music between the artist set is better than the opening acts.. Yeah, the promoter needs to do his homework on “how to throw a quality show”. When the Glitch Mob finally came out to perform the time was 12:30a.m. and a good chunk of the crowd was barely standing. “Mentally and Physically”. As a matter of fact, a big chunk of people that were in front of me left a quarter of the way through the Glitch Mob’s set. Now don’t get me wrong, the Glitch Mob put on a bad-ass show it just was extremely irritating having to deal with 1hr. sets from the openers except for “Psymbionic”, he’s has skills.

Below are some photos of The Glitch Mob, and some video footage to give you more of a visual effect of what went down.

YouTube Preview Image