Jared Hawley Tells it Like It Is! (interview) (:::warning::: – N.S.F.W.)

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Austin, TX  new and upcoming comedian Jared Hawley has been bringing down the house at every comedy spot in ATX. With his vulgar style of comedy it’s no question in my mind that Jared is going places. It’s kinda funny to see him doing comedy on a serious tip, because he’s always been known for his BMX history. In this in depth interview we got up close and personal with some questions about some of his life experiences, BMX history and what made him want to start comedy. I hope you all enjoy this video interview which also includes a first ever Boy-Cott Magazine cribs w/Jared Hawley. You ladies and gents are in for a treat :)

Enjoy the madness::::

Tha’ Interview

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Tha’ Crib

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Tha’ Comedy

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