Everything is a Remix

Video by: Kirby Ferguson

This great series of short films, from Kirby Ferguson, delves further into the idea of creativity, originality, what constitutes “copying,” and how visionaries are often the ones who had the vision and persistence finally to synthesize the good and numerous ideas that preceded them – which good ideas were based on even more foundational good ideas that preceded them. (See Edison, Thomas Alva.) In short: Everything is a remix. In this 27-minute installment – watch Parts 1-4 if you haven’t seen them yet – full of intelligence, thought provocation and humility, Ferguson focuses on how the personal computer and its many “innovations” came to be. Ironically or not, it is Xerox – synonymous with copying – to whom Apple owes perhaps its largest debt – though, of course, Xerox owes a debt to those who came before, often a very long time before.