The Black Opera is here:::

Black Opera Video by: Andy Madeleine

Back in December 2010 we turned you on to a video with silent surrealist clips by: The Bullits – “Close Your Eyes” (ft. Jay Electronica & Lucy Liu as Amelia Sparks).

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Today, I am bringing you ladies & gents an obscure video laced with comedic value for days. Without any further ado, I give you The Black Opera:

The Black Opera is a counter-cultural musical movement/organization consisting of an endless collective of emcees, singers, producers, musicians, actors and agents. “Sleep Tight” is the first visual/audio arts presentation from the The Black Opera with many more on the way. These are The First Voices of The Black Opera. There are Many More to Come. What YOU are experiencing is an Official TBO demonstration. This is just the beginning. Overture. We thank you :)

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