Curing the Concrete (Pt II) – by: David Harvey a.k.a. White Boy Dave

Article by: Mamba

Video by: David Harvey

Curing Concrete – The term used for stopping freshly poured concrete from drying out too quickly. This is done because concrete, if left to dry out of its own accord, will not develop the full bond between all of its ingredients.

My B-Boy definition of Curing the Concrete is – If you don’t continue to train your foundation no matter how much you have mastered it, you’ll get rusty and eventually your dance will look incomplete. In regards to developing the full bond, I beleive Dave is reffering to the following: continually educating yourself on the dance, incorporating other training methods to strengthen your dance, consistenly training all elements of the dance and keeping an open mind.

In this video Dave keeps it raw and uncut. No special effects, no music, no sound. Just an amazing visualization that’s to the point in one practice / training session.

This is hip-hop peeps…

:::One Love:::

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